Clouplay Hakkında

Clouplay is a video management and hosting service that can combines the services of interactive video marketing, platform setup, channel setting and live broadcasting under one roof with high compression technology and patented products 20 times faster than all existing systems and deliver them all at a very low cost.

Problems Solved

·  %10 more increase on video sizes compared to internet bandwith

·  Slow uploading of video contents on cloud

·  There is no video management system on cloud

·  There is no online management control application what works in a synchronised fashion on cloud and local system

·  Streams can not be sent over more than one social and media platform simultaneously

·  Broadcasting and its management are very expensive

·  Can not be done personal advertisement, broadcast and sales


·  Compressing video 20x faster than other compressing Technologies

·  Managing video content with special functions on cloud

·  Live broadcasting over multiplatforms and crossplatforms at same time

·  Cloud VMS ( Video Management System )

·  Cross Platform Integration

·  Multi Platform Possibility of synchronous broadcasting

Competitive Advantages

·  We compress video 20 x faster than our competitors.

·  Our focus is on professional broadcasters

·  We broadcast interactive live streams in same time over multi paltforms and cross platforms

Our solutions are  lower-cost than competitors.