Technology / Business Definition

Optical Hair Removal (OHR) Technology enables permanent laser hair removal with reduced therapy pain and medical side effects, extended scope of skin types and operational cost saving by virtue of image processing and targeted laser shooting.

Problems Solved

Current laser hair removal technologies suffer from high level of treatment pain, dermatological complications and untargeted therapy. Hence, many patients, especially who have lower contrast between their skin and hair colours, can not be satisfied due to its limited efficiency and applicability, and potential demands are left with no solution at all.


Our proprietary technology, on the other hand, optically focuses laser exposure on the hair follicles themselves, and thereby does not burn irrelevant and unwanted skin area that comprises 95% of target region. This targeted treatment relieves pain, eliminates skin burn risks, while extending its applicability to a broader range of skin types. Our device is fully automatic which requires no special expertise. Moreover, since it is energy-efficient in its nature, it has a prolonged lifetime and yields cost saving.

Competitive Advantages

There are a number of laser hair removal device companies in the market, whose technologies rely on conventional method, shooting entire skin surface. There is no   company dominating the whole market. Our technology features game-changing aspects and we hold intellectual property rights.

R&D phase is completed, and clinical validation procedures have been conducted.  First products are delivered to beauty centres on operational leasing basis. We have already signed a distribution contract with BeautyForm for Turkish Market. We are looking for further partnerships in order to have a market share in the UK, Germany and US.