DAPGenomics Hakkında

Technology/Business Definition: Starting from the first day of our lives a number of nutritious components are supplied with milk consumption. Therefore, it is crucial to have thorough information on the milk content. Recent studies and respective patents show that miRNAs, non-coding ribonucleic acids, are crucial to trigger development and immunity. Our product portfolio aims to detect and label these molecules in milk since their nutrigenomic profiling is going to become an important aspect of healthy life. Briefly we suggest a a product to identify miRNA content of the milk and milk products (raw or UHT processed milk from cow, sheep, goat) as well as breast milk in different storage conditions and various lactation periods.  It is a genomic profiling kit used to evaluate miLk and diet enhanced maternal milk quality. The results from the kit directly improve the health of breastfed babies by helping to change the nutrition pattern of breastfeeding mothers. 

Problems Solved: Nutrition habits directly affect maternal milk quality, which is a limiting factor for newborns’ health. Nutrition affects maternal milk but its quality assessment criteria are not at genomic levels (vitamins, minerals, lipid content, etc.). There is no actual reporting tool to quantify genomic content of breast milk, which can lead to improved quality in breast milk via correct nutrition uptake.

Solutions: Our technology provides a home-use test panel for nutrition content of breast milk, milk and milk products. Moreover, it offers a descriptive analysis on gene and health relation for newborns. Our product provides the first-of-a-kind direct relationship between sickness and health of children, based on mother’s eating habits.

Competitive Advantage: It is the only patented commercialisable product which detects miRNAs in milk, while similar products only determine miRNAs in disease models (such as miROCULUS, etc.)