Technology / Business Definition

Delphisonic have built a hardware and software solution with IoT platform. We attached our hardware to train or turbine which has an artificial intelligence technology to listen your turbine and locomotives or marine ship in real-time set.

Problems Solved

As a Delphisonic we solve predictive maintenance problem, with real time condition monitoring industrial internet application. We help your business to have Access to immediate and secure information about turbine and locomotives.

We have more than 20 client and customer and we eliminated the derailment with track monitoring in Turkish Railway State. As aresult, we saved $1.5M predictive maintenance cost and time from 15 trains in localmarket


90% of predictive maintenance costs can be avoided by adopting Delphisonic’s SOLUTION. Much of this cost comes from manual inspection and offline monitoring.

We eliminate the unexpected failure before it happens. We give you change to take an action before unwanted little problem occur. We save money, Improved Safety, Increased equipment lifetime, Increased plant safety, optimized spare parts handling, Decrease the maintenance time and Decrease the maintenance cost.

Competitive Advantages

Predictive maintenance company only can serve manual inspection and offline monitoring and they are focus run to failure maintenance STRATEGY based on “non real-time” set.

Delphisonic focus on IoT platform with AI technology with human action.