DentaMOB Hakkında

Technology / Business Definition

Our technology is an automatic mobile dental shade detection system for dentists. It has three components: a specifically selected smart phone for calibration purposes, a gadget attached to it, and software.

Problems Solved

Remake rate due to colour mismatch and related issues in dental labs is 3%. Despite the seemingly low ratio, it is not only the cost that matters but mostly the reputation of the dentist.

The dentists find it challenging to perform shade matching of a restoration using shade guides. Some of the factors affecting shade-matching process originate from the subjective nature of the human colour observation. Additional factors like fatigue, ageing and emotional status of the clinician along with the lighting conditions add to the complexity of the shade-matching task.

A dental spectrophotometer eliminates the uncontrolled variables, however, it is not easily available to all the clinicians, and it is expensive.

Digital cameras are a common gadget used in almost every clinic, however not many studies exist in the literature to compare the reliability of a digital camera in selecting the shade of teeth. These cameras do not have lighting isolation, thus making the results dependent on the environmental conditions.


Our product is a user-friendly and low-cost automatic dental colour/shade determination tool for implant/filling processes in dentistry.

The lighting isolation is eliminated by the gadget attached to the smart phone, creating an isolated area between the camera and the field. The standard lighting in dentistry is 5500-5700 oK colour temperature, which is also used in mobile phones.

Compared to its competitors, our technology offers an affordable cost, thanks to its attachability to commercially-available smart phones and tablets. Moreover, this allows the user to use all the features of a mobile phone/tablet, such as easy storage of related data, transfer of data to the dentistry lab, easy software update, etc.

Competitive Advantages

The main competitive advantages of our product are its cost effectiveness, easy feature upgrade and user-friendly approach. Below you can find a comparison with competitors in the market.