DINE&PAY Hakkında

Technology / Business Definition

Dine & Pay is a dining application that provides smart dining experiences.

Dine&Pay’s digital ecosystem makes it easier than ever to discover unique places, instantly secure reservations, pay without waiting for the waiter, real-time check & view & earn points to spend globally through PINS loyalty program partnership all at your fingertips from a single application

Problems Solved

New generation wants instant ratifications. %75 of the people have been frustrated while waiting for the bill. They also occupy tables, thus decreasing restaurants table turn rate and profit. Cashless payments are on the rise and restaurants need to adapt by implementing technologies to live up to the expectations of customers..

Restaurants also have problems in maintaining customer relations because they do not use technology enough to understand their customers’ behaviours. This vital mistake costs restaurants, at the least money, but more probably extinction.


Dine&Pay offers enhanced dining experience for customers and aims to increase efficiency for the restaurants. With its seamless payment feature customers can pay their bills without the waiter and restaurants can increase their profit by increasing their table turn over rate. With PINS loyalty program customers also earn points to spend worldwide at more than 30.000 locations.

Its unique CRM tool and features for the restaurants help business owners analyse their customers and offer more effective campaigns.

Competitive Advantages

Dine&Pay, unlike its local and global competitors, has a built-in CRM tool, and a loyalty program offering customers to earn points and spend them at restaurants, brands or hotels worldwide.

It offers all-in-one solution to customers and restaurants. Customers, waiters and business owners can use their own devices, thanks to its smart user interface making it very user friendly.