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Our special designed enzyme, Epicellulyse XT, helps to utilize unrecoverable paper sludge waste in paper and pulp industry by converting it to rich carbon source for biogas production and fertiliser as a by product. Instead of other traditional disposing methods of this problematic waste material, Epicellulyse XT approaches the environmentally unfriendly and difficult-to-digest paper sludge problem with an economical and eco-friendly way.

Problem Solved

According to 2015 Annual Review of Global Pulp & Paper Statistics by RISI, more than 400 million tonnes of paper and board was produced globally in 2014. This production generates an estimated 30 to 90 billion tonnes of polluted wastewater, which needs to be treated,  creating 50 million tonnes of sludge disposal and making this industry the sixth largest polluter in the world.

Currently, 83% of paper sludge is forwarded to traditional waste handling operations methods like landspread, landfill, incineration and composting. However, these traditional methods can be considered temporary, costly and environmentally unfriendly.

Moreover, in biogas industry, using variety of animal-based or plant/food raw materials deteriorates the standardization of process and increases the logistics costs. Besides, compared to other renewable energy sources, these raw materials are not efficient due to their insufficient carbon level.

On the other hand, although paper sludge is a rich carbon source, it has been treated as a waste due to its complex and indigestible molecular cellulosic structure.

Solution Definition

Our product, Epicellulyse XT, is a special enzyme designed to convert paper industry waste into the raw material to be used in biogas plants.

This patent-pending enzyme technology is specially prepared for paper industry with breaking long cellulose fibres to smaller and easily utilizable fragments for methane producing microorganism.

With our solution, we can avoid environmentally unfriendly disposing methods and high waste management cost by using paper sludge as a new energy resource.

Not only biogas, but also two different valuable substances, such as liquid and solid fertilizers, are produced as a by-product.

Our solution opens a new era to biogas industry as the use of paper sludge, which is one of the most common and abundant waste source in the world, while providing a standardisation in the process and increasing its efficiency.