Technology / Business Definition

Infinite Balance is an interactive financial strategy game and business simulation. It comprises gamification methods in a business simulation and hosted as web application on Microsoft Azure cloud system. It makes finance education easy and fun.

Problems Solved

edTech is taking over traditional approaches by virtue of the introduction of simulations. Finance education, at undergraduate or MBA levels as well as in the form of non-credit lifelong courses, benefits from simulations to make it easier, more comprehensible and closer to real-life experiences, as compared to case studies in conventional learning practice.

However, commercially available edTech products,

·  generally do not have simulation and gamification at the same time.

·  focus on general management rather than core finance .

·  mostly assign departmental missions to separate players, thus preventing users to gain full perspective of company management.

·  generally have long sessions lasting from several days to weeks.

·  lack company KPIs, sales forecasts, some of the financial statements.


Our cloud-based product

·  includes simulation and gamification at the same time.

·  focuses on finance subjects.

·  allows one user to have all company missions that gives him/her full company management perspective.

·  provides short and flexible game management (half or full day session)

·  provides company KPIs, and effects of user decisions are immediately reflected to financial statements including PL, CF and BS..

·  has a moderator screen that monitors users decision and performances. Individual performance reporting is available. Score and ranking among players can be seen.  

Infinite Balance facilitates and simplifies learning finance topics, popularises importance of financial management and financial literacy in all corporates, and enables decision-making and problem-solving skills based on financial knowledge.

Competitive Advantages

Our major competitive advantage lies in combining gamification with simulation, which makes learning the topics easier and more fun. Moreover, the competition is between players, not against a computer. As a web-based application hosted in cloud, it can be reached anywhere and the competition can be scaled. Users are scored, based on 3 pre-defined KPIs, and ranked and receive individual performance reports at the end of the game.