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Technology / Business Definition

Junivo provides online analytics for the offline world that helps marketers measure offline ROI and create smarter promotions.

WiFi360° is an IoT platform that provides “Google Analytics + Criteo for physical retail stores”.

It is a full suite of powerful In-store Analytics, Social WiFi Hotspot, and Personalized Customer Engagement over WiFi that connects the online and offline worlds enabling your company to communicate with your customers while they are visiting your store.

Our product WiFi360°

•  iscloud-based

•  does not require mobile app

•  combines Wi-Fi, and other data sources like door count, POS, CRM,etc.,

•  uses existing in-store WLANinfrastructure

WithWiFi360solution,Junivoallowspublicfacingenterprises(retailers,malls, cafes, hotels, restaurants, airports, campuses, hospitals, stadiums, etc.,) to monetize floor space moreeffectively.

Problems Solved

Venue owners have 2 critical unmet needs in-store

1.  Detect visitors' physical presencein-store

a.  Current solutions do not provide properdata

b.  Need "New/Repeat" and "Shopping time"data

2.  Real-time, personalised, in-store engagement with theircustomers

a.  Need real-time customer presencedata

b.  Scenario engine is required for marketing automation VenueownersmustprovidefreeWi-Fi,collectdatatobetterunderstandtheir customers and enhance their engagementlevels.


1.  Measure: In-storeAnalytics

Counting heads and the point-of-sale (POS) don’t tell the full story. Increase data gathering with Wi-Fi to collect customer info for profile enrichment.

Measure, Understand, Boost store performance. Get rich metrics and actionable insights of in-store shopping behaviour.

2.  Connect: Branded SocialWiFi

Customer want fast, secure and legally compliant Wi-Fi hotspots. Our clients can provide customers free access to their Wi-Fi network using existing social profile or email address. Social log in features with Facebook and highly customisable splash screens and landing pages.

3.  Engage: ScenarioEngine

Venue owners want to reach their customers via SMS, WhatsApp and Mobile App. Our Scenario Engine is a powerful automated marketing tool where retailerscancreatehyper-targeted&hyperlocalrichmediacampaignstopush messages directly to user’s phones based on Location, Visit Frequency, Time of Day andmore…

Competitive Advantages

·  Realibility: Technical Experts. Localteam

·  Service: Great support. Responsive, flexible, dependable. Fast customization.

·  Quality: Packed with features. Unlimited use. Integration with 3rd party data. ROI focusedsolution

Competitive and flexible pricingoptions.