kimola Hakkında

Technology / Business Definition

Kimola is a software technology company which creates algorithms to understand and analyse digital text data.

KimolacreatedKimolaInsightsResearchTool(KIRT), one of themostextensivedata analytics tools, for BRANDS to detect accurate, research-applicable and business-actionable data on SocialMedia.

Problems Solved

Conventional researches are expansive, require a long process and based on consumer declarations. Practically, consumer opinions are most valuable for BRANDS when there is no structure or agenda. While consumers raise their voices without boundaries on Social Media, neither conventional research companiesnorsocialmediacompaniesmanagetousetheseconversationsas a data source for their researches or as insights to improve theirbusinesses.


KIRT validates the data in regards to motivations which generates them. It segmentsmentionsusingthesentimentanalysis,notonlybydividingdatainto negatives/positives but also by applying 24 differentemotions.

KIRT’s analysis is domain specific, since every mention on Social Media finds meaning only in its relevant context. KIRT listens to more than 400 brands in more than 40 sectors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and web, and makes sense of every mention within its domain.

KIRT starts from the Big Picture, digs into more details, and uncovers brands consumers’ or competitors’ psychographics, TV, Brand and Trend Affinities, where, when and what they like to talk about.

Competitive Advantages

KIRT is the most extensive data tool in Turkey.

KIRT has competitive prices, is faster and more accurate than its competitors, thus most research-applicable and business-actionable.

It is available on web, tablets and smart phones.