MicNo Hakkında

Technology / Business Definition

MicNo® particle technology is a novel patented technology that involves designed platelet-shaped micron particles composed of nano primary particles of Zinc oxide (ZnO), a natural mineral. It solves sunscreen manufacturers’ problems, such as broad UVA and UVB spectrum coverage, toxicity, surface coverage, uneven texture and whitening. 

Problems Solved

The ozone layer, the natural sunscreen of the earth, gets thinner allowing penetration of more harmful UVA and UVB rays from sun. This can cause DNA damage in the skin, leading to skin cancer. Regular and effective use of sunscreen products is the most widely accepted solution but most commercial products have their shortcomings as well.

To live up to ever-increasing expectations and keep up with the new regulations about sunscreen products, chemical and physical active ingredients are utilised in formulations. Some chemical filters dissociate and/or generate free radicals that can cause skin damage and irritation. In addition, there is no single chemical UV filter to provide broad spectrum coverage by itself.

Inspite of providing a broad spectrum protection ZnO causes undesired whitening effect and unsmooth feeling on the skin when used as micron-sized particle. To mitigate the whitening effect nano-sized particles are used, but causing uncontrolled agglomeration and hence low surface area coverage. Moreover, utilisation of nano materials raises a great concern about them penetrating through the pores on skin and causing  problems in the human body.


Tailored MicNo® ZnO particles, when used as the main ingredient in a sunscreen formulation, exhibit a broad spectrum, high SPF together with high transparency, smoothness and high surface area coverage per unit mass to the formulation. 

Our special technique gathers the zinc oxide particles in a perfect layered structure so that the zinc oxide particles can be used to effectively cover the human skin with the least material whereby having nano size at the visible light penetration direction which results to the best transparency which can be obtained by mineral ingredients.

Competitive Advantages

-Natural, mineral-based wide spectrum sunscreen performance

-50% reduction in raw materials usage to achieve the same UV protection

-Mitigation of safety/health and environmental concerns related with nano particles

-Transparent and smooth products without any leftovers and whitening

-Enhanced sensorial properties

-No or less amount of dispersing agent in formulations (cost reduction)

-Limited switching cost

-Chance to be different from other manufacturers.