MIKRO-P Hakkında

Product/Service description: Mikro-P is an IOT and Swarm Robotics Development platform. Besides being a platform it is also a full robot that can communicate and act together in a swarm. Swarm robots mimic insects like ants or bees, which live and work together.

Their unique abilities also make them suitable for industrial and agricultural applications. 

Problem Solved: Currently available development boards likeArduino or Raspberry Pi offer no sensors or hardware on-board. Users end up with a gigantic, unstable project with a mess of cables. They are hard to troubleshoot, and many users struggle to connect sensors or to program them. Beyond being a development board

Solution:  Mikro-P is a robotic learning, project development and entertainment platform, composed of small and inexpensive robots as well as an open source code library.

Mikro-P offers 30 sensors and hardware on-board including motors for movement and swarm capabilities.

Mikro-P’s are extremely simple to be programmed by non experts, thanks to the easy to use open source software functions library.

Competitive Advantage: When compared to competitors (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Intel Edison, MBot.), our technology Mikro-P

·  is easy to program for everyone,

·  has on-board sensors and hardware,

·  can work in swarms,

·  reduces total project cost and complexity

·  has open source software functions library.

·  has expansion boards that are compatible with other products on the market.

·  is ready to develop projects out of the box.

·  provides an environment where users can sell their custom-designed Mikro-p products and share their codes.