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Technology / Business Definition

Our solution is an artificial intelligence data analysis & marketing automation software for Amazon e-commerce marketplace vendors.

We help our clients to generate +ROI by precisely controlling their marketing data with our software driven, tested-and-proven rules, methods and algorithms. They immediately see a solid return on their investment and they are highly engaged with our software.

Our infrastructure processes over a million-data point every day, per client, to make sure their operations are running at a profit, and do more to further optimize to get the most ROI. Error-free operation, no manual methods are involved in the process thus reducing human input errors.

Problems Solved

In order to optimize their ad spending, Amazon and other e-commerce sellers rely on manual methods like excel sheets, which is time consuming and open to errors, and updated only from time to time.

E-commerce sellers may have hard time to find the holes in their ad-spending strategies, which cause them loss from profits. Overall campaigns make money but some of them are very profitable and some of them are losers. Even though the final state is profit, they need to get rid of the losers and scale winners to improve ROI significantly.


Our 1-click-easy-setup application will find your micro leaks of profits in the keywords by deeply analyzing the advertising data from API and fix them by adjusting the bids, states according to the calculation we have from your reports to leave more money in your pocket at the end of the day. The affect of our efforts will depend on your ad spend budget, your listing quality and the strength of your competition.

You can define your own strategies proven to work for you, and the system will function according to your strategy.

Our technology can process up to 4 million key search terms per day. As the business and product catalog grows, the algorithm will search and extract valuable keywords and will instantly optimize them for later use. No matter how many SKUs, the application will handle the marketing automation.

Competitive Advantages

We differentiate from our competitors with our exclusive algorithm.

Compared to Qwaya and Adespresso, our application specific ROI focused solution, does not only show the data but also takes action on the statics we gather. It is a high performance and easy to use almost autopilot application, with a low overhead and R&D cost.