Technology / Business Definition

Today, online stores struggle with conversion problem, they can convert only 1 out of 100 visitors into paying customers. Segmentify helps online retailers to solve their low conversion problem by personalizing online shopping experience of each visitor with help of our machine learning real time algorithm. Our value proposition can be summarized as "Segmentify integrates to any online store in just 1 day with only adding a single line of js code, goes live with personalisation campaigns in 2 days, and proves its value by increasing sales and contributing 10% additional revenue in 14 days".

Problems Solved

E-commerce companies struggle with low conversion and profitability, on average only 1 out of 100 visitors makes a purchase and converted into customer. According to Infosys study, 74% of customers feel frustrated when the online shopping experience is not targeted and personalized.


Segmentify is a SaaS solution for online retailers that offers real-time solutions to increase online store's conversion rate by personalizing online shopping experience and boosting engagement of their visitors. Segmentify personalise online shopping experience by tracking visitor behavior (clicks, purchases, visit frequency, etc.) and offers best products & campaigns at the right time with help of our own recommendation algorithm.

Competitive Advantages

Nosto, Dynamic Yield, Yieldify, Insider are our main competitors, and our differences from them are our Unique Real-time Algorithm, Business Insights & Real-time Conversion Analytics, Super Easy Integration & On-Boarding, and Superior Contribution to Sales & Revenue (10% sales contribution on average).