VAVIEN Hakkında

Technology / Business Definition

Vavien’s technology is a package solution to mechanical door lock manufacturers to turn traditional door locks into smart ones.  It includes a Bluetooth electronic card module and a mobile application, with high-level industry-standard device security as well as a password security layer.  Users can manage their locks with the mobile app.

Problems Solved

Electromechanical door lock manufacturers have to invest continuously in R&D to get into the Smart Home world, but they do not have experience in smart IoT technologies, meaning that they need to spend a lot of money and time.

People feel uncomfortable to share their home keys with third parties, such as cleaners and other service providers, when they need to go into the house in absence of owners because this poses a security issue such as replication of the key.

There is always room for new technologies to replace card keys used in hotels both for the convenience of the hotel and their customers.


Vavien provides a package solution for door lock manufacturers, which integrates with their on-going products, and can connect to internet, wired or wireless. Internet connection provides smart properties to mechanical locks. Besides, we provide them a mobile application for their brand. End users can use and manage their locks remotely with this application. Manufacturers can also collect usage data from this application.

Competitive Advantages

Our main advantage and difference from our competitors is our business model: we sell our products to manufacturers, therefore not being a competitor for them but rather an ally in their existence in the Smart World.