WalkOVR Hakkında

Technology / Business Definition

WalkOVR is world's most lightweight, least volume & high frictional motion platform that combines motion tracking technologies and mechanical engineering. We are mainly focused on Virtual Reality market because we believe human body movement digital environments and applications is the most important need in this market.

Problems Solved

Although motion capture platforms for VR exist, they have the following shortcomings:

·  They cause nausea and motion sickness,

·  They provide only an incomplete immersive experience caused by the lack of body movement,

·  They are lacking infinite movement space to move.


WalkOVR is a hardware with two main components. It consists of a mechanical and electronical components while electronical components also consist of motion tracking firmware.

Mechanical structure provides infinite space of movement for VR users and let them literally walk, run, crouch; use their own body while wearable sensors and firmware track your movements and transform them into virtual reality applications. This prevents users feel motion sickness and nausea. Plus, with infinite space of movement, WalkOVR enhances the immersive experience of VR.

Competitive Advantages

There are 3 direct competitors in the market, but WalkOVR has below competitive advantages.

·  Better and more natural walking experience for users, thanks to its high frictional and possibly flat surface

·  Lower logistics costs by much lower weight (30 kg WalkOVR against 110 kg best competitor),

·  Much lower volume (%30 of competitors)

·  Gaming level precision with multiple sensors’ set

·  Gaming level transmission (<7 ms)